Green Living

Private residences in the U.S. produce 21% of the nation's total carbon emission. Reducing the energy use of homes is a critical part of mitigating climate change. World wide, there is an increasing need for off-the-grid or self-sustaining houses.

Spoorhouse was designed to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of a single-family home. It adheres to the highest standard of sustainable residential architecture. By using the sun for heating, cooling and lighting, and by passively taking advantage of the resource provided by the surrounding environment, Spoorhouse uses very little energy through its lifetime and uses hardly any fossil fuels. To be as self-sustaining as possible, rainwater is collected for drinking, bathing and washing, and gray water is filtered for garden irrigation. Wastes are digested by microorganisms and returned to the soil. At the end of its life, Spoorhouse can be taken apart in single-source components and be reused or recycled. It uses the smartest sustainable and affordable technology, systems and materials known today.

Spoorhouse meets the Energy Star® program standards for energy efficient homes and meets LEED for Homes. Level of LEED certification will depend on site selection and deign choices.