The total construction and design costs for Spoorhouse vary, and are based on the type of Spoorhouse you choose, the state, local regulations, and geographical area and site conditions. These costs are broken out in 'Hard Costs' for the physical construction, and 'Soft Costs' for design, engineering, state & local fees, services and permits. Below are very general guidelines and examples on costs.

Hard Costs

SpoorhouseEco: $375,000, or $250 per square foot. This home is completely off-the-grid.

SpoorhouseBasic: $245,000 or $160 per square foot.

SpoorhouseCustom: Costs for your custom design varies between $250 to 320 per square foot

Note that these hard costs for all known construction costs and do not include the cost for land, and delivery of the home to the site, or any soft cost as described below.

Soft Costs

A Spoorhouse preconfigured home design and construction package is almost complete after you have decided on your Green Options. However, there is additional work to be completed to finalize the packages. The position and orientation of your home on your property must be carefully chosen to maximize passive solar heating and day-lighting technologies, and to satisfy your preferred views and garden layout.

Professional architectural and structural fees for preconfigured designs will vary depending on the site selection and site condition, as well as state & local code, and construction administration requirements. Fees for custom projects will vary depending on scope, design, and level of coordination. Typically these services are about 15% of the overall construction costs. Although these costs can climb if additional civil engineering and geotechnical services, or additional local reviews are required. These fees vary based on location, required scope of work and complexity of the site.

Other soft costs vary depending on location and local requirements. They typically include building department permit fees, inspection fees, tree removal and, property survey. They can also include utility fees, school district fees, design review or other review fees, landscape design fees, and for custom projects, lighting consultant and AV consultant fees.

Site Preparation

Site preparation is the work that is necessary to prepare your property ready for construction and install the foundation and utility lines. We can offer predictable cost estimates for the modular cost, site costs vary greatly depending on the slope of your site, site conditions and location.

Note that site work can account for as much as 40% to 60% of the overall construction budget. We will work with you and your local contractor to determine expected site costs.


Transportation costs for Spoorhouse will vary depending on the distance from the factory to your site.

Site Completion

Site completion costs are costs associated with the remaining work needed to complete the exterior design. These costs can include decks, driveways and landscaping.

Federal, State and Local Funding

The federal government, the state and local energy providers have various funding programs available for the installation of flat-plate and photovoltaic solar panels. The amount of funding varies by state. We will help you determine the total amount of funding available in your area.