Spoorhouse is a contemporary, sustainable home with a simple design that is a light filled refuge of comfort. It was awarded the Best Residential Design in the Lifecycle Building Challenge contest by the EPA, West Coast Green, Building Reuse Association, and Southface. Spoorhouse qualifies for LEED-Platinum for Homes and EnergyStar for Homes.

Spoorhouse is a full-lifecycle design. Full-lifecycle means sustainable in every way: environmentally friendly building materials, extremely efficient use of energy and water, and the building components can be disassembled and recycled. The main structural components of the home are ISO containers, which are perfect modular components for off-site prefabrication. It has 1500 square feet – the size of an average 1970's home. The square footage was chosen to promote a scaling down of what has now become an unsustainable average home size.

Spoorhouse is designed to withstand most natural disaster. Much of the basement is built 4 feet above grade to minimize soil disruption to avoid flooding. The non-flammable exterior is made of steel, concrete and cementous materials.

Van Noort Designs, LLC offers design & construction management services for Spoorhouse.

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